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The Cogito program is an alternative academic program which is based upon advanced learning. It covers everything that the regular Alberta curriculum covers, but at a faster pace, allowing time for more complex concepts. 

"The Cogito Alternative Program at Edmonton Public Schools is an academic program based on whole-group, teacher-directed instruction in a structured setting. It provides knowledge based, enriched curriculum, with an emphasis on phonics, spelling, grammar, and computational and problem-solving skills. Regular meaningful homework is integral to the program.

An advantage of the Cogito program, aside from the accelerated learning, is the more structured, non-distracting environment. Expectations for both achievement and behaviour are clearly communicated to the students and parents.

Cogito’s Unique Characteristics:

  • Enriched curriculum
  • Sequenced knowledge content 
  • Focus on attention and increased concentration
  • Early literary development through explicit phonics instruction
  • Strong mental and written math skill development
  • Teachers oriented to a classical approach
  • Direct, whole group interaction
  • Strong work ethic expected
  • Regular homework required
  • Committed parental support

All students have the opportunity to study either French or German to meet second language expectations.

Cogito's focus on the liberal arts produces an approach that is balanced among the humanities, sciences, and the fine and practical arts, providing an education of enduring value. Through high standards and high expectations, Cogito prepares students for a wide range of future academic, professional, and skilled employment opportunities.

Students will be assessed on both the Alberta curriculum and on Cogito outcomes. Progress report marks will be based upon the student's achievement of the Alberta Program of Studies. Assessment of Cogito outcomes will be reported in progress reports in the comments sections in the form of comments and/or marks. The exception to this is History, which will be reported as a separate course. 

Cogito Language Arts

The Cogito Language Arts program complements the Alberta Program of Studies. An emphasis is put on the study of classic literature, including the works of Shakespeare when appropriate. Classic literature has withstood the test of time and provides students with the background to understand references made in future studies. Furthermore, the classics provide students with excellent models for their own writing. Students develop their writing skills further through the explicit teaching of English grammar and vocabulary development. Attendance at a live theatre performance is attempted depending upon the suitability of productions offered at city venues. 

Cogito Math

The Cogito Math Program expands upon the Alberta Program of Studies to provide students with a deeper and richer understanding of the subject. It is designed to develop critical thinking skills and prepare the student for real world problem solving. Emphasis is placed upon understanding foundational principles of numbers, number relationships, and accuracy in performing basic operations upon which all problem solving and other sophisticated math applications depend. Studies are further enhanced with a locally developed geometry program which includes history of geometry, constructions, triangles, circles, trigonometry, and proofs. Students are engaged with manipulatives to further enhance their understanding of mathematics. 

Cogito Social Studies

The Cogito Social Studies program covers the Alberta Program of Studies and is taught within the context of History. To further enhance student appreciation of history, our Social Studies program is enriched by the addition of separate History courses in Grade Seven, Eight and Nine. Students have instruction in History for two blocks during a six day rotation based on locally designed History courses.

World History Grade Seven – A Survey of World History Pre-History to 1500: This course introduces students to the study of world history from pre-historic times and to approximately 1500 C.E.

World History Grade Eight – A Survey of the World 1500-2013: This course introduces students to the study of world history from approximately 1500 C.E. to the contemporary era.

Military History Grade Nine – War and Society in Canada and the World: This course is designed as an introduction to the military history of Canada and its role in international conflicts. 

Cogito Science

The Cogito Science program provides students with many opportunities to develop strong laboratory skills and connect scientific concepts to real situations. By covering the Alberta Program of Studies at an accelerated pace, Cogito students have more time for hands-on experiments that apply and enrich the topics that are studied. Projects are focused on the ideas and discoveries of famous scientists, past and present, as they relate to what is learned in class. Cogito students are experienced with applying the steps of the Scientific Method, often designing and conducting their own investigations and refining their processes. Through this program, Cogito students cultivate strong problem solving and reasoning skills while engaging in exciting learning experiences!