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  • Hockey Helps Kids

    Hockey Helps Kids

    Allendale School has been selected to participate in the 5th annual season of Hockey Helps Kids!

    Hockey Helps Kids brings four local schools together to engage in friendly competition while supporting local charities in the process. Each school is paired with an Edmonton Oiler and, as a team, they choose an Edmonton charity to promote. The winning team will receive $25,000 dollars to donate to their charity!

    Allendale School values being able to give back to the community and are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Hockey Helps Kids and support a local charity.


    Check out hockeyhelpskids.com for ways that you can help Allendale School and Team Leon Draisaitl as we work toward trying to win the Hockey Helps Kids 5th annual Charity Cup Challenge!

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Division Re-entry Strategy

Read our COVID-19 Division Re-entry Strategy for information about how we’re welcoming students and staff back into schools this September.We’re preparing to welcome students and staff back into schools this September.



In the three years they spend with us, students will be preparing for high school and the programs that will determine their choices for further education. Our dedicated staff creates a safe and caring environment in which all students are challenged to learn and achieve their personal best.

Our District Priorities are to:

1. Foster growth and success for every student by supporting their journey from early learning through high school completion and beyond.

2. Provide welcoming, high quality learning and working environments.

3. Enhance public education through communication, engagement and partnerships.


Principal's Message

Allendale School is a friendly, caring school focused on academics and opportunities. We are a school that offers many unique and dynamic educational programs for students in grades seven, eight and nine. Very successful students choose to come to Allendale from many areas of the city. E.T.S. bus routes provide easy access from many communities in South Edmonton.

Our motto at Allendale School is “The Small School with Big Opportunities.” We get to know our students well and provide them with very personalized programming. We provide students with a challenging, enriching, and safe school environment.

Academic achievement is our number one priority. Students are expected to do their best in all course work and pursuits. Our students consistently achieve well above provincial averages on Provincial Achievement Tests.

All of our students are enrolled in at least one second language course and an active Physical Education program. To accompany the strong academic program, we offer a diverse and high quality selection of complementary courses.

Allendale School provides four programming opportunities for students: Regular Academic, Cogito Academic Alternative, German Bilingual, and Interactions. Each provides students with exceptional opportunities for learning.

Regular Academic Program: All students from within our attendance area are welcomed into our Regular Academic Program. Our students cover all aspects of the Alberta Program of Studies and achieve well on provincial tests. In addition to the core areas of Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies, our students all take Physical Education, a second language, Health and choose from a variety of complementary courses. All students in our Regular Academic Program will be invited to be part of a fall overnight camp experience.

Cogito Academic Alternative: Allendale was the first junior high school in Edmonton Public Schools to offer the Cogito Academic Alternative Program. The program is designed for all students who are willing to work with teachers and parents to develop their capacity for academic excellence. Many of our Cogito graduates enroll in academic programs in high school such as Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (I.B.). For more information please see "Programs" on our school website or our school’s Cogito brochure.

German Bilingual Program: Allendale is proud to be the only junior high school in Edmonton that offers the German Bilingual Program. Typically, students from the elementary German Bilingual program continue their German language studies at Allendale School. However, students with a strong background in the German language are welcome to enroll. The German Bilingual Program fosters an appreciation for the culture and language of the German people. A highlight of the German Bilingual Program is the annual grade eight Germany Exchange trip. For more information, please refer to "Programs" on our school’s website.

Interactions Program: Allendale School is fortunate to be a district site for the Interactions Program. Our program is well-supported by outstanding staff and facilities and students are provided individualized opportunities both within the Interactions classroom and throughout the school. Students enrolled in our Interactions Program are referred to us by the school they are presently attending.

In addition to a focus on high academic achievement and a broad selection of complementary courses, intramurals, team, and extracurricular activities are offered to our students. These are listed in this Program Book and in "Programs" on our website. All students will participate in cross-graded house activities and weekly homeroom time focused on citizenship, character development and bullying prevention.

Allendale School, “The Small School with BIG Opportunities,” offers a high standard of education, many complementary courses, and the very best in athletics, arts and activities– something for everyone!

Your partner in learning,

Martin Fechner