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School Profile

Allendale's History

Did you know that Allendale School has been serving South Edmonton children since 1913?  During that time, parents, community, and staff have energetically worked together to provide a caring and responsive environment in which thousands of students have learned and achieved a great deal.

The original Allendale School, a two-storey wooden structure, was built on a former farm property purchased from the Allen family.  This original school served as an elementary school until 1949 when the first phase of the existing school was built.  It wasn't until 1956 that the junior high wing was added.  To cope with an increasing enrolment, a second wing was added in 1970.  Indeed Allendale has a rich past, a meaningful present, and a promising future!

School Mission Statement

Allendale School, in partnership with students, parents, and the community, exists to develop life-long learners who strive for personal and academic excellence.

Respectful Learning and Working Environments

Edmonton Public Schools, in co-operation with its staff groups, is committed to creating a healthy, respectful learning environment for students, staff members, trustees, parents, volunteers and contractors.

We recognize the worth of every person without discrimination. We are committed to working toward the elimination of objectionable behaviour in our schools and workplaces, and to maintaining an environment that is respectful, safe, nurturing and positive for everyone.

Please help us achieve this goal by interacting in a manner which respects the dignity and value of others.